Delivery & Setup
Unlike many other bakeries, we do not automatically incorporate a delivery
& setup charge into the prices of our cakes and cupcakes.This is to help to keep our prices as low as possible and not to make money on customers who would prefer to collect themselves.

This also gives customers the choice to decide if it may be more cost effect
to collect and setup allowing money to be saved where possible.

Because of this we do charge a separate fee for delivery and setup.
This will be charged based on the delivery postcode and setup time.

Please provide the delivery/venue address and postcode at time of enquiry for a no obligation quote.

'For weddings and large orders I do recommend allowing Sparkle Cupcakes to setup your wedding cake/cupcake tower.

Every image you see on my website has been setup by myself and I can honestly say that the placement
of each cupcake in the correct place and order and direction does make a difference to the end result.

I have lots of experience setting up cupcake towers and you can be assured that it will always be
myself who sets up your cupcake display so the same result is always achieved as in the images on my website'


Made from Making it Personal, Half Mile Lane, Stanningley, Leeds (opposite new Tesco) between 11.30 am and 3pm unless otherwise agreed.

All orders can be collected if preferred to save on delivery charges. Please note, once you (or anybody you have asked to collect on your behalf) have collected the order all responsibility for the cake/cupcakes is passed onto the customer and Sparkle Cupcakes cannot be responsible for any damages in transit or dropped cupcakes etc.

Please can I STRESS, that cakes (especially tiered cakes) in particular are fragile.  I have suitable transport with a large tall flat boot suitable for transporting cakes & cupcakes.  If you do decide to collect please make sure you have a suitable vehicle where the cake can be placed completely flat on a solid boot or footwell surface. 

Placing a cake or cupcakes on your knee or front/rear seat is not suitable and unadvisable.  Most car seats tilt backwards making the surface uneven to support the cake. Tiered cakes in particular will not tolerate this angle and will undoubtedly collapse or suffer some form of damage.   Also car seats are soft and made of sponge, which means that any bumps etc in the road are egaggerated creating a trampoline effect and any knocks and turns will be felt on the car seat much more than on your flat boot surface.

Please also make sure you drive very slowly, taking turns and roundabouts very very carefully.   My cakes have internal supports and are stacked securely to be able to be transported safely under the correct conditions. 

In the very hot summer months an air conditioned vehicle is advised.  Cakes/cupcakes are covered in buttercream and fondant which will melt if left in a hot car.  After collection it is advised to head straight to your destination and remove the cake(s) from the car as soon as possible. 

If you are in any doubt at all that you can’t transport the cake in the suitable conditions please check with us for delivery availability.  I have lots of experience and a suitable vehicle for this, I have transported many cakes including 4 and 5 tiered cakes. 

Our Terms & Conditions
have more details of
collection/deliveries/tranporting cakes etc. 
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